Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Yoga with the Krishnas

Although I haven't practiced hatha yoga at any of the Vrinda or International Society for Krishna Consciousness centers, and therefore cannot yet comment on their offerings yet, I believe that most of them offer hatha yoga training as well as other spiritual guidance and some people may be interested in contacting them.

A complete list of Vrinda centers in Ecuador and much of South America for that matter, can be found here.

I have visited one of their centers near Baños called Vrindavan Jardines Ecológicos and it seems like a perfect place for rest, relaxation and perhaps a retreat. The center, located approximate 40 minutes from Baños near a town called Rio Verde is quite beautiful and is set in the jungle 1-2 kilometers from the highway. While I was there they offered yoga classes in the morning which I believe cost $5 per session. They had a covered area in which to practice and mats were available. They also had rustic cabins for rent at $8 a night and a vegetarian restaurant for guests.



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