Monday, June 4, 2007

Launching the Blog

After having lived in Ecuador since August of 1992, and having taught Yoga during approximately nine of those years in a small town near the entrance to the jungles of Ecuador, I've come to realize that I have only a superficial knowledge of the hatha yoga community throughout the country, not to mention the much larger Ecuadorian "Yogic" community comprised of centers and teachers dedicated to diverse avenues of spiritual pursuit.

A quick search on Google yielded almost zero active links, most likely due to the fledgling state of internet awareness here. However, I am currently aware of a number of teachers in different parts of the country and have decided that it would be in my interest, and in the interest of seekers in this country, to try and consolidate the resources that are available.

So that is my goal. My emphasis will be on permanent, resident teachers and schools rather than events geared to bringing down foreigners for a weekend or a week to practice yoga during a retreat in "South America". With that in mind, most of my links will probably lead to classes taught in Spanish, although I expect a number of foreign-born teachers (such as myself) may be included who could offer classes in other languages.

I hope this effort will prove useful to some readers. And I hope readers will help contribute links to this modest blog. It's a small thank you for the years of gratification and enormous benefits that the practice of hatha yoga has given to me and my family. Namaste.


Robyn said...
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Robyn said...

Hi - I am so excited to check your studio out. We are coming to Ecuador between 9-25 and 10-3. I hope to be able to have a class with you.


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