Monday, October 15, 2007

Worthy of Mention

If you happen to arrive in Baños and want to lay out your yoga mat right away, don't be surprised if the space is occupied with any of a number of art activities for local youth and children. Fundación Arte del Mundo shares the same space as the Casa Hood Yoga Center and organizes arts education classes, workshops and cultural events for the local community. For those yogis interested in finding out a bit about the foundation (inspired volunteers are always welcome), please write us at: and while you're at it check out these photos of happy kids doing creative things right here in Baños.

(Click to enlarge)

Super Friday 9-29-06 - Ray Hood conversando (Small) 24 Nov 2006 Clausura de curso y Super viernes - Kids gallery1 (Small) taller de arte en la calle - 11 June 2006 - Raising the Robot2

24 Nov 2006 Clausura de curso y Super viernes - Kids gallery2 (Small) Super Friday 8 Dic 2006 - facecasting3 Super Friday 9-29-06 - Folding paper airplanes



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